Say NO to Greyhound Exports to China


For information on how you can help protect from being sent to China (from any country) please read the editorial from South West Animal Protection and visit the links on campaign websites, below, where resources can be found online to add your voice to this campaign -

Many of you will now know that the Department of Agriculture in Ireland have dropped their plans to export Irish greyhounds to China for racing due to the overwhelming response in protest from campaigners, animal welfare groups and animal lovers across the world. Well done to everyone for achieving this, thank you, however this vital campaign is far from over as the Irish Board are now insisting that they will help the Chinese set up 5 stadiums in China, which we are deeply concerned about so more URGENT lobbying to the authorities is needed now to stop this.

Please see this more recent article about this new proposal: … 81917.html

And further info here - … o-run-for-

The fact that the department of Agriculture has refused to allow the export of Irish greyhounds to China shows their own concern for these dogs, however their own concerns must still be upheld with any new proposal from the Irish Greyhound Board to promote racing in China with the building of 5 new stadiums, as the grim fate of these dogs in a country with no animal welfare laws is a MASSIVE concern, no matter where these greyhounds come from! Many dogs in China are skinned alive for their meat/fur and human consumption. We cannot allow the Irish Greyhound Board to continue their plans promoting animal abuse in other parts of the world.

We cannot emphasize the importance of everyone all over the globe continuing to campaign for these poor greyhounds who have no voice of their own! This campaign as already stated is not over, it must be stronger than ever and pressure must be given to those people that make the decisions to not allow it to happen.

Links - … nd-export/

With grateful thanks to all the fantastic greyhound friends and advocates who offered photographs for inclusion in this video and huge thanks to the celebrities who are giving their time and voices to greyhounds at risk from the proposal to launch stadium dog racing in China.

Music: ‘Racing to Death’

© Maria Daines & Paul Killington




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