Noah’s Arc – Any advice for us in Spain much appreciated?

Montag, 30. Juni 2008
Hi everyone, We are an animal rescue charity registered eight years ago, trying to broaden our horizons by re homing some of our dogs in Europe. Like many English owned rescue centres in Spain we are finding it ever more difficult to home locally and need help from other countries in order to maximise our rescues and help more local suffering dogs.

We are called Noah’s arc (Animal rescue centre) and for eight years we have been rescuing hundreds of animals from cruelty, neglect and abuse in our area. We are funded by donation from the public. We always have around 40 dogs in our care and these can be seen on our web site

If anyone can help us to re home some of our dogs in Germany or any other European country, we would be very grateful. We already have a link with -in-need for our which is wonderful, but we always have many other breeds who also need our help. Locally everyone here has at least one dog! So it is becoming more and more difficult to get our dogs homed locally.

Any help or suggestion on how we can home more dogs would be very welcome. To see the work that we do at Noah’s arc as well as our many successful rescues, take a look at our 3 minute video .


(some people may find some scenes upsetting)

Many thanks for reading this
Andy Hurrell

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