From the Tragedy of Galgos…

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From the Tragedy of Galgos…

… Becoming a Pet Dog

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How Could it Happen?

For hundreds of years man has been fascinated by the gracefulness and elegance of . Many people are attracted by their beauty, speed and gentle manner.

How then could it happen, that these wonderful animals became victims to a cruel tragedy right in the middle of Europe?

Unknown by the public die every year about 30.000 of these noble hounds in Spain in an agonising way: they are hanged on thin wires into trees, thrown into wells or down cliffs, abandoned and left to their destiny, often with broken bones, expecting to starve to death. In the best case they end up in national delivery stations where they are put to death by means of an injection.

The Background of this Tragedy…

The background of this tragedy has its roots in the history of Spain. The Arabs brought their greyhounds with them onto the Iberian Peninsula. In the beginning, keeping these animals was restricted to the privileged nobility, who used them for hunting hares. In this time lies the origin of the race , the Spanish . Although it was forbidden for the common people to own greyhounds many animals were stolen from the aristocratic kennels, and so the Galgo became after a while a working animal which had to contribute to the living of the little people.

Up to our days this is the use of Galgos. These animals are often kept under ineffable conditions in small crates and get only the poorest attendance while waiting to be made use of in hunting season.
Breeding of Galgos underlies no rules or regulations. So it comes that Galgos are reproduced uncontrolled and in vast numbers and the litter is sold for a small amount of money. Every year there are new dogs available and the two and three year “old” dogs are surplus and have to be

The Way out of this Misery…

The way out of this misery consists of many small steps, because age-old traditions have to be changed on a long term perspective. Some few initiatives are engaged with much enthusiasm on political grounds to achieve a stricter animal protection law. Furthermore, it is necessary to realise a better regulation and control of the breeding of Galgos to get a long term improvement of the situation. At the same time, one tries to convince the hunters to respect the lives of their animals and not to kill them but to give them a chance to lead a new life by being adopted into families of other European countries.

Again a Pleasure
Galgos as Pet Dogs

Galgos are predestined to be familily pets by their gentle and always friendly disposition. These dogs are in spite of their many bad experiences very sociable, devoted to people and usually get very well along with other dogs. It is no problem to keep a Galgo in a city flat as long as they have the opportunity for a free run at least once a day. It is every time again a pleasure to watch the change from a gentle pet to an ardent sprinter. Within the own family Galgos are affectionate and amenable, towards strangers they are reserved but never aggressive.
Galgos should be educated with praise and positive feedback because they will react very sensitive to harsh treatment and severe reproach. They want to have the same rank as every member in their family and be fully integrated.

To Act with Responsibility
Galgos as pet dogs

Nevertheless it mustn’t be forgotten that Galgos are hounds. They hunt by sight, pursuit the game zealously and with enormous speed. This results in some danger for the animal and not only a few greyhounds end as casualties to traffic or hunters.
A greyhound and especially a Galgo with such a previous history needs a family that acts with responsibility and has understanding for the possible insecurities and fears of the dog.

Empirical reports and adresses of animal rehoming organisations can be found on this board, or HERE.

We kindly thank for the provision of the pictures
© Copyright by: S. Bessmann, C. Reuter, B. Boneko,
U. Löckenhoff, R. Terrana, A.Haarhoff, C. Birkner

Translation: A. Seiler
Realisation: B. Boneko & E. Rieger

Infobrochure /Galgo multi language in pdf-format: Download
(german, engish, norwegian, hungarian language)

Eine Infobroschüre zur allgemeinen Situation der Galgos finden Sie HIER

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