Desperate racing industry sink to an all time low!

Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2008
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“Dear Supporter

The Evening Chronicle, a local Newcastle newspaper, have announced that they have ‘signed up’ and intend to race a young female , Give Me Sunshine, to try and raise money for the newspaper’s charity the ‘Sunshine Fund’.

The charity does excellent work in raising funds to enhance the lives of local disabled children and their families in Tyneside.

It is not surprising that Newcastle Stadium has so enthusiastically joined forces with such a worthy charity in an attempt to promote the stadium and greyhound racing as a caring and compassionate concern. This is sinking to an all time low, encouraging a charitable organisation which seeks to improve the lives of children to do so at the expense of ’ lives.
We all know too well, how the industry propagate a pretentious welfare image and will have undoubtedly taken advantage of the charity’s naivety in developing this venture. No doubt claiming that William Hill’s stadia are the exception to the rule, have no ‘welfare issues’ and re-home all their ex racing greyhounds.
Please send ‘awareness’ emails to both the Sunshine Fund and also the Evening Chronicle. Contact details are given below, as are some links that you may wish to include with your appeal.
This is an excellent opportunity, to once again, educate the influential media and raise public awareness against this exploitative industry who stop at nothing to gain support in what is a very desperate time for greyhound racing in the UK.
Please keep all correspondence polite and if you wish the charity or newspaper to reply to you personally, please remember to enclose your contact details.

Many thanks once again, for your valued support.”

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