100 Galgos konfisziert Albacete

Donnerstag, 13. November 2008
Dear friends

More than 100 were confiscated by the Police and Guardia Civil in the gypsies’ zone of Albacete and there are 16 arrested (some of you have visited with us this horrible neighborhood ……….).

Several trucks of Police Guardia Civil came from Madrid and other nearby provinces, the operation developed in several provinces (Albacete, Cuenca, Toledo. Zamora ….) and it has been at the expense of the judges of the Audiencia Nacional in Madrid.

I attach you the video of press and the photos of some galgos, the gypsies have given up them after the detentions.

The majority is lamentable, especially Sócrates and Bolillo. Bobillo have crushed the neck to take her microchip from him and have turned it to sewing with a normal thread ¡!!! Since a button is sewed ¡!!

Kind regards.


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