Galga durch Hausbrand ums Leben gekommen, VORSICHT!

Español – – Albacete!

Vorsicht! Schlimme Bilder!


Dear friends, I send you a terrible news. Yesterday in the evening we gathered in the suburbs of Albacete this poor galgo, after the call of a few women who were walking along the zone.As you can see in the photos, they have burned live with petrol….., he took burns as a great part of the body and especially for the head, her mouth and eyes were burned, besides other zones of the body. Her suffering was enormous and our veterinarians had that euthanasy him, since it was the more human thing that it was possible to do for him, the poor dog already was agonizing between terrible pains …… We all in the refuge remain very impressed and with an enormous feeling of impotence and of anger towards another atrocity more than it commits with one of the most docile dogs of the world.The photos are very strong.

Sad regards

Balbino Cerro
Presidente APAP Arca de Noé (Albacete – Spain)

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